Saturday, 30 July 2011

Dog Food Dangers - Are We Being Fooled by Commercial Dog Food Makers?

In the industrialized world of today, there is an epidemic of dog diseases and close to 100% of dogs alive today will die earlier than their potential lifespan. Recorded scientific research has shown our dogs will generally not even reach half of their potential canine lifespan.

There is an obvious question here -

That Question is: "If this is all true... then why don't we know about it?"

The Answer: "As impossible as it seems, we have been "brainwashed" by billion dollar companies that have invested 100's of millions to train us into accepting the early death of our dogs as being completely normal."

AND the sad thing is that they have succeeded in doing this with most people! For example, did you know a massive 50% of dogs will develop cancer? Yes, 50%, it's a documented fact. And what about all the other life shortening problems such as, kidney disease, liver dysfunction, thyroid disease, pancreatitis, epilepsy, auto-immune disease and much more.

Doesn't it seem odd we accept that as normal?

When author/activist, Ann Martin, tried to expose what was going on, big business (that is, the commercial dog food industry) actively pressured media groups to suppress her criticisms. Her work was listed by Sonoma State University in the 'Top 25 Most Censored News Stories of Social Significance' for the year it was released.

The Moral of this Story..

Don't be fooled into believing what the TV and other media tell you about commercial dog food being everything your dog needs because it's a bold faced lie... complete BS! It's just a business to them, commercial dog food manufacturers, no matter how big the brand is, try every means open to them to increase their profits, no matter what the cost to the health of our dogs is. The reality is, commercial dog food is cutting the lives our dogs short, period. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Andrew Lewis in his book "Dog Food Secrets" warned owners about the dangers in commercial dog food back in 2006.

Andrew Lewis revealed the number 1 reason why dogs die early and also gave 3 simple steps that people could take right away in order to make a remarkable change in the life of their dogs. These 3 steps have proven to add up to an extra 8 years to the life of your dog.

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