Friday, 30 July 2010

Commercial Dog Food and the Three Main Causes of Death in Dogs!

The Three Main Causes of Death in Dogs are:

1. Cancer

2. Heart Disease

3. Kidney Disease

All three have been link to a commercial dog food diet..

1. Cancer: The chemicals and preservatives found and used in many commercial dog foods are known to cause these cancers..

- Kidney cancer

- Bladder cancer

- Skin cancer

- Stomach cancer

- Spleen cancer

- Leukemia

The exact same cancer causing chemicals and preservatives have been banned from use in human foods, but continue to be used in commercial pet food.

2. Heart Disease: There is a high proportion of cheap unhealthy fats found in many commercial pet foods that cause arteriosclerosis and arterial blockages resulting in death by heart attack. But also, the lack of more expensive omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA) also causes canine heart failure because without omega-3, ventricular arrhythmias (abnormal rapid heart rhythms) occur and can result in sudden death.

3. Kidney Disease: In an 11-year study of acute renal failure in dogs, it was concluded that 45% of cases are caused by toxins and 35% by infectious disease. In the U.S. between April and May 2007, over 2200 dogs died in a 3 week period from poisonous toxins found in the commercial foods they ate.

"And nutritionally inadequate diets lead to defective adrenal glands unable to manufacture adequate cortisol, a hormone vital for health and resistance to infectious disease" (Dr. Alfred Plechner DMV).

If you feed commercial pet food to your dog, then consider very carefully the possible consequences.

Andrew Lewis in his book "Dog Food Secrets" warned owners about the dangers back in 2006. Many owners ignored his warnings back then and were devastated by the Dog Food Scandal of 2007.

But the good news is, the many thousands that listened to the advice, and followed the guidelines in "Dog Food Secrets" still have healthy dogs today.

Check out the free video and report here and learn the shocking truth!